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'I have now been attending the gym for the last two months I wanted to write in and say how much I appreciate the quality of the facilities and the professionalism of the staff who work at the gym. It's a pleasure to use the gym - there is a great atmosphere and the time flies!

I have been attending the Jab and Go class with Kieran and have really enjoyed them and very much hope they continue. He puts so much thought and effort into the classes and I can tell that all the participants value this. I also appreciate the one to one training I have had from Simon - he goes to a lot of trouble in preparing for them and feel I am making some good progress.' Simon

'I couldn't recommend Jen more highly as a personal training instructor. Since I started personal training in August 2012, with the goal of building up strength and getting back into a regular gym routine, Jen has created fun, motivational and effective programmes for both personal training sessions and training alone. I have achieved my goal of building a gym routine around a busy London lifestyle that keeps me toned, fit, and happy.

Through our personal training sessions I have been introduced to a wide variety of exciting but challenging exercises that are tailored to my specific requirements and goals. Jen is very skilled at continually re-assessing the skill level I am at and translating this into my weekly programme, which means she is always ready with a more difficult variation of any exercise for me to try! The effectiveness and enthusiasm in Jen’s approach has meant that I have already recommended Jen as a personal trainer to many of my friends and will continue to do so.' Isi

'I enjoyed my personal training sessions with Jennifer - she motivated me to do more. When I first started the sessions I had backache from sitting down all day. The exercises she gave me to do, improved my back muscles and now it does not ache. Thank you for getting me active again.' Sharon Mitchell

'I've had a few sessions with Jen now and she has the patience of a saint! I'm not the average Premier client! I'm lazy, unfit and find every excuse possible not to have work out but Jen pushes through all my whinging and reminds me of my goal! Sessions are always varied and always pushing me to the limit. Through the sweat and tears we manage to have a laugh making coming back less of a chore but something I look forward to! I'd definitely recommend Jen especially if you need a firm kick up the butt!' Naomi

'I have been training with Jennifer for a year and I can truly say that this has motivated me to make a change in my life to keep fit and lead a healthier life. A year down the line, I feel much more confident with my body shape and I can really see visible changes that motivate me to carry on training. I have been a member of various gyms for years but I have never really pushed myself to the level I get with a trainer like Jen. I was literally in a "gym rut".

What I like the most about training with Jen is that I never get to do the same workout twice - she really listens to me and changes it up to focus on specific areas to meet my needs but also to keep it fun. She's a great motivator and lots of fun and everyday I'm getting closer to a happier, more body-confident me!' Emilie

'I have been attending the Premier Fitness Club since August 2012 and I regard it as a serious club that gets results. I have been having training sessions with Jennifer Green and within weeks, not months, I was improving and doing excercises I didn't think I would be able to do. I feel confident that with Jennifer's guidance and energy I will achieve my objective to lose weight, go down a few dress sizes, and be able to do a new video for my personal website.

I am a singer and image is important as well as the ability to sing! I know I will get results. Thank you Premier and thank you Jennifer!' Anthea Ferrell

'Having had major spinal surgery for severe scoliosis 8 years ago, and after experiencing frequent back pain the past two years, I was referred by my surgeon to a specialist physiotherapist who recommended that I begin exercising regularly.

I immediately joined Premier Fitness Club and booked in my first induction with Ciaran. He was very thorough in preparing a program appropriate to me and I trusted his guidance. The program had a very orthopaedic focus and was completely tailored to my needs and requirements.

After 4 months I feel fantastic. My back and upper limbs feel much stronger and my quality of life has improved because of this. The frequent pain back that I experienced has really subsided and this is because of building muscle strength around my spine and the orthopaedic exercises Ciaran has taught me.

I highly recommend Ciaran as a personal trainer; he devotes a lot of time and energy to his clients and goes the extra mile. His enthusiasm and support is very encouraging and I hope that you will benefit from his expertise.' Crimson-Rose O’Shea

'Ciaran ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a top trainer. He always pushed me to meet my full potential each and every training session. He introduced new ideas and kept record of my progress as we trained together which really helped to build on my past progress. Throughout the sessions Ciaran was always glad to offer advice on all areas of health and nutrition. He definitely knows his stuff! He gave me good ideas to change up my diet and I saw results straight away. I had gained more muscle and lost fat. Training with Ciaran was fun and tough at the same time. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to work hard and make progress!' Marios Alexander

'I decided to seek out the services of a personal trainer and was recommended to contact Ciaran. I have several health issues and Ciaran took these into account, designing a program for such health issues whilst achieving the results desired. I have had a weak shoulder for several years and Ciaran worked with me to strengthen it through his training and advice.

The results I achieved in one-on-one sessions came quickly and I learnt that correct form when exercising and that the right exercise and food will make all the difference in reaching your goals. I now think about the way I go about things, not just in the gym but also in my diet, in a completely different and much more productive way. My blood pressure has gone down, my shoulder is stronger than it has been in a long time and I have lost weight. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others - he is the best person I have ever sought help from in this field.' Martin Morris MA (RCA)

'My experience training in one-on-one sessions with Ciaran has been fantastic. I’ve trained with him for over 6 months and have seen far better results during that time than I did during the entire previous year. He clearly knows his stuff, and was able to answer all my questions about the program he developed for me. Training with Ciaran was certainly tough, but he knew when to push me harder and when to ease off a little, so I was able to keep up. I was never bored as he did a great job of keeping our sessions varied and interesting. On top of all this, Ciaran was always friendly and had a great sense of humor, which meant that I always looked forward to our next session.' Will Pragnell

'I looked at a couple of different gyms before deciding to join Premier Fitness Club - the key motivator was Ciaran. He immediately started gathering information on my goals and my fitness level – I booked my first PT session with him the same day and I remained a client of Ciaran’s for over a year (I would probably still be his client if I would not have left the country).

After the first work out with Ciaran, he had established my fitness level and tailored a program around my weaknesses and strengths. To this very day I still use Ciaran’s programs with great results. Ciaran always strives to go that extra mile for his clients – I cannot thank him enough for always working around my schedule and coming in on his days off to work with me.

I would recommend Ciaran as a Personal Trainer without reservation. But more importantly, Ciaran is easy going and fun to be around which makes working out a lot less painful.' Julian Chan

'I wanted to find a trainer to help keep me motivated. My goals were to improve posture and strength in my upper arms - Ciaran was suggested due to his experience with working with these sorts of issues. And sure enough he has created brilliant exercise programs that keep me stimulated and actually enjoying the gym. As a physiotherapist I wanted someone with a good technical knowledge base of the human body and exercise programs and I have been amazed at Ciaran's detailed knowledge and enthusiasm to continue learning and progressing to make himself the best trainer possible. Would definitely recommend Ciaran to anyone.' Joe Thomson, Physiotherapist

'Training with Ciaran is enjoyable and worthwhile. His sessions are carefully planned and he really cares about your progress. He knows more anatomy than me and I'm a doctor.' Robert Dunn

'Ciaran is an excellent trainer - whether it be circuits, boxing or weights - tailoring the programme to both your preferences and needs, so that coming in for a session is never a chore. He has been particularly good at working with me to strengthen and protect my bad back - adapting any exercise to ensure that I do not do any damage. As well as the excellent training he is always fun to work with, and flexible with any changes due to shifts in schedule.' Toby Moses, Sport journalist, The Guardian

'Ciaran is a very skilled and professional personal trainer with a lot of knowledge. His passion and enthusiasm really shows in his sessions and you really feel like you are learning a lot and getting your fitness in the right direction. I always look forward to my PT sessions with him as he puts me through paces and gives me the extra drive that I need to achieve my goals.' Jesse Caplan

'Ciaran has been my personal trainer for over 12 months and I can honestly say that this has raised my level of fitness far more than any other time I have been going into a gym. Ciaran has tailored a personalised training schedule specific to me, taking into account my aches pains and shortcomings, consequently making working out a pleasure rather than chore. I suspect the reason most people join a gym and then give up after a few weeks is boredom, lack of motivation or doing an exercise incorrectly and picking up an injury. However with Ciaran’s professional help and varied exercise planning I have managed to stick to a regular exercise regime that I doubt I would have achieved alone.

'Ciaran is always enthusiastic and very personable, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone whose experiences of gyms has been stop start, has a specific training goal or needs that bit of motivation to simply go.' Kevin Cox

'I’ve been training with Ciaran for over a year. I started training when I hit my forties to keep fit as just being active wasn’t good enough any more. Of the three trainers I’ve had over the last five years, he’s definitely the best. I’m fitter than I’ve been in years, sleep better and feel stronger. My body is lean and I feel good. His friendly and encouraging approach, combined with his deep knowledge about the body and his wide repertoire of exercises makes him ideal – even when I’m not in the mood to exercise. For the first time since training, I look forward to going to the gym.' Thomas Lawson